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Managed Care professional associations
Healthcare Medical Pharmaceutical
Managed Care Associations
Market Trends...
  • Consumerism, new practice models, accountable care organizations re-defining managed care and marketing strategy
  • Medical professional and insurer associations reflect clinical, financial / reimbursement interests
  • Hospitals / health systems marketing their own plans and competing against managed care organizations 
Managed Care Associations Market Sector Overview

There are numerous managed care and healthcare insurance related associations which have formed in the last two decades based on changes in the healthcare industry and the widening of managed care influences in multiple healthcare industry sectors.  They encompass clinical, financial, legal, regulatory and other interests.  Depending upon the stakeholders, objectives and issues involved, these associations are pathways to reach key opinion leaders (KOLs) and the rank-and-file constituents that are the membership of the various associations.  For healthcare marketers, they are important considerations in terms of sponsorship, membership and promotional opportunities.

Conduits Of Managed Care And Payer Clinical And Commercial Information Sharing

Most are non-for-profit and offer ongoing communication, conferences, conventions, educational / professional management forums and other types of assemblies to update their area of healthcare profession and managed care interests.  They serve as conduits of information pertaining to ongoing industry trends, regulatory changes and pivotal points of interest for their members.  Some also serve as a collective political voice by acting as official or de facto lobbying groups. These organizations usually couple professional interests of the group with the concerns and well-being interests of patients / consumers they are most closely tied to.

Financial Challenges, Membership Growth And Retention Challenges

While these organizations provide collective resources and a voice for respective interests, funding is an ongoing challenge as membership has to be gained and maintained.  Less managed care and healthcare employers fund individual memberships for their employees and are much more discretionary about applying sponsorship funds to association events and conferences. Many healthcare product manufacturers and service providers have flattened or reduced support of conferences and other industry events due to cost cutting in addition to more closely monitoring marketing practices at events to stay within compliance requirements. While ROI is challenging to precisely measure, the focused connection to specific sectors of healthcare / managed care professionals is important for present and ongoing clinical and business initiatives.
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