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  • DaVita, Fresenius control over two-thirds of dialysis market in the U.S.; continual changes in reimbursement require ongoing re-alignment of marketing strategy by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers
  • Most chronic kidney disease ( CKD ) patients require care via dialysis centers; peritoneal or home dialysis an option only for some

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Dialysis Patient Clinical and Financial Profile...

  • End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) impacts roughly 650,000 persons in the United States; chronic kidney disease ( CKD ) and ESRD is typically managed by nephrologists

  • There are about 100,000 patients on the kidney transplant list in the U.S. but only about 20,000 kidneys are available annually due to lack of participation in organ transplant programs; this is  a serious, ongoing issue for ESRD and other areas of patient care

  • Hispanics and Native Americans are 1.5 times more likely to have ESRD, African Americans are 3.5 times more likely to have ESRD

  • The number of persons diagnosed with ESRD increases about 5% annually; it correlates directly to higher incidences of diabetes and associated comorbidities like hypertension

  • Annual dialysis treatment cost (through an outpatient dialysis clinic or dialysis center) for one patient is $90,000

  • Cost of dialysis annually in the U.S. is $42 billion; $34 billion covered by Medicaid, the remainder by commercial insurance or other means

​DaVita is expanding its reach into the broader patient care market beyond dialysis after its acquisition of Renal Ventures Management. They purchased the Everett Clinic, a 500-physician independent practice located north of Seattle in 2016. It operates 20 care sites serving over 315,000 patients. Everett clinic facilities feature physician offices, urgent-care centers, hearing & vision centers, lab services, imaging, behavioral healthcare and cancer treatment. HealthCare Partners is DaVita's business unit which operates multi-specialty medical groups and affiliated physician networks, it serves over 800,000 patients in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida and Colorado.  

Upcoming biosimilar therapies will not deliver immediate cost relief to the dialysis sector; they are not inexpensive to produce. Clinicians will not immediately seek to convert patients from their existing therapeutic regimens until biosimilars can demonstrate parallel clinical performance and safety in the widespread market -and deliver meaningful price advantages. The quest for at-home dialysis and other care enhancements in the dialysis sector demand innovation which is costly and challenging as dialysis care and reimbursement are heavily regulated. Dialysis patients usually have multiple healthcare challenges; their care needs go beyond their kidney / nephrology issues.

... This is a list of Dialysis Providers; scroll down for dialysis trends, market access details ...
... Dialysis is a highly focused, heavily regulated and cost-sensitive market.  It has gone though extensive consolidation and has less than 10 sizable multi-site providers. Healthcare marketers need to account for these nuances and have a defined market access strategy to reach patients, clinicians, provider organizations and payers.  Product / service value propositions must strongly convey clinical and cost performance attributes. As the two largest providers (DaVita and Fresenius) control over 75% of the U.S. market, they are pivotal customer entities to engage in planning market access; the presentations below offers additional insights ....
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.......Renal Ventures is now part of DaVita Kidney Care...
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